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What is Yolo

Yolo is about finding forgotten passion, discovering who you are made to be. It causes you to wander beyond your comfort zone, rethink limits and redraw lines. It stirs up your spirit, compels you to action. It makes you want to ride with the wind and dance in the rain. You only live once.
Make it count.

Our aim is to re-awaken the talents, potential and dreams that everyone has, but may have buried beneath life’s rubble somewhere in time. In order to take this message to the world, Yolo seeks to thrive in unique multi-faceted creative collaborations across disciplines, interest groups and causes.

Our challenge – to impact the world and make each voice heard above the urban din.


Birth of Yolo

YOLO is the brainchild of Yellow Octopus (YO), a Singapore-based design agency
that enjoys building brands, forging corporate identities and developing holistic marketing and communication solutions for people who come through their doors. As the YO team celebrated the big 10 (a decade in design!) the mood turned reflective. YO10. Where do they go from here?

From these humble sketchy beginnings – YOLO was born. You Only Live Once – an idea that captured their imagination and matched the YO vision – To impact culture and societies with positive values that will shape the future through innovative design.

In essence, YOLO celebrates life and aims to bring together individuals from around the world – to draw inspiration and be an inspiration to people around us.

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